Our solutions

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For shipments of full-truck loads , both import and export operations from / to countries within EU or outside, Red&White Services is using dedicated trucks of various capacity and body structure, for general cargo and for special expeditions, that will move your goods under full safety condition, within the most advantageous time schedule.

The most important one among the conduct principles in the business relationships of Red&White Services is finding the solution that pleases equally the profitability interests of each partner by establishing a long term and mutually advantageous relationship .

  • We set as our main objective the providing of efficient services to our clients, by offering multiple options, adequate for their budgets and allocated time, depending on the specific requirements and the personal exigency.
  • Fast communication and feedback, keeping in permanent contact with our partners and by maintaining of the optimal co-operation work atmosphere with all of them we benefit of the conditions to identify the best option cost-wise, from the point of view of our clients, also to offer them specific advise in order to make the best solution.
  • A specific characteristic of the co-operation with Red&White Services is the attention, backed by the prompt answering from our operations team to each of your, any client’s request for services, for info and clarification.
  • A constant concern and guiding line of our company is the preservation of the natural environment, that is visible in all actions and organizing with efficiency of all expeditions: our own responsibility and common to our company’s partners to work exclusively with autos and equipment that meet the technical standards and the environmental regulation.